Personalized coffees and prestige skincare: Consumers snap up premium products despite cost-of-living crisis

Personalized coffees, "prestige" skincare and "elevated" spreads: companies are focusing on premium products — and consumers seem to love it.

China's consumer and factory data miss expectations in July

Investment into real estate fell at a faster pace in July than June, while investment into manufacturing slowed its pace of growth.

China's domestic tourism is on track to bounce back from pandemic lows, says Fitch Ratings

Tourism revenue and numbers in China hit a trough in the first half of 2022 and fell by nearly half compared to before the pandemic struck, Fitch Ratings said. 

This was a good week for inflation numbers, but whether it can last is the big question

With Americans already paying huge bills for food, energy and a host of other items in their daily lives, any respite is a welcome one.

Elon Musk wants to cut this ‘terrible habit’ from his morning routine: ‘I suspect a lot of people do [this]'

Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he has a "terrible habit" of checking his phone immediately after he wakes up. He wants to swap the habit for a workout routine.

3 tips for mastering life as a digital nomad from an expat who's worked abroad for 14 years

Exploring the world while working remotely is an experience “like no other,” tech CEO Jesse Schoberg says, but it’s not without its challenges.

How Sri Lanka's economic collapse raises alarm bells for other emerging markets

Sri Lanka is facing the worst economic collapse in its modern history. Many experts believe the country's story is a warning sign for emerging markets.

Elon Musk says Tesla has made over 3 million cars

"Congrats Giga Shanghai on making millionth car! Total Teslas made now over 3M," Musk tweeted.

How to pick the best MacBook so you're not overspending for what you don't need

Choosing between Apple's MacBooks — the 2020 MacBook Air, the 2022 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — depends on how much processing power you need and your budget.

Trump search warrant cites statutes that carry possible multiyear prison sentences

The FBI's search warrant served at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home highlights three statutes that hint at possible multiyear sentences.

U.S. is ‘not going anywhere,’ Middle East envoy says, as China’s Xi expected to visit Saudi Arabia

The U.S. disputed claims that a forthcoming visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia signals America's waning influence in the Middle East.

Saudi Aramco profit surges 90% in second quarter amid energy price boom

Saudi oil giant Aramco reported a stunning 90% surge in second quarter net income and record half year results on Sunday.

Former Deutsche Bank co-CEO Anshu Jain dies at 59

Jain had battled cancer for several years, according to his family.

Samsung exec explains why the company's folding phones are so important to its business

Samsung's mobile business head said that its foldable phones are convincing consumers to switch to Samsung from other brands.

Ron Insana: The Fed may have retired 'transitory' too soon to describe inflation

It may be time for the Federal Reserve to revive the word "transitory" after all.

Huawei's second quarter revenue rises slightly from a year ago

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei released figures Friday that showed its first quarterly increase in revenue since 2020.

Ultra-rich fueling sales of luxury brands despite inflation and recession fears

High-end luxury brands are reporting strong sales even as retailers catering to more mainstream customers cite a pullback in consumer spending.

Your iPhone can identify any song with just a tap. Here's how to set it up

Your iPhone can easily identify any song that's playing with just one tap. Here's how to set it up.

FBI search warrant reveals agents seized top-secret documents in raid of Trump's home

The FBI seized multiple sets of records marked top secret from former President Donald Trump's resort home Mar-a-Lago, a search warrant unsealed Friday shows.

Parents who make these 3 mistakes are more likely to raise narcissistic kids, says parenting expert

Ever wonder how narcissists are created? It all starts with family dynamics during childhood. Neuroscientist and parenting expert Cody Isabel explains what mistakes parents should avoid to raise emotionally intelligent, well-rounded and empathetic kids.

House passes massive climate, tax and health bill, sending Biden a core piece of his agenda to sign

The bill's passage will mark a major win for Democrats and President Joe Biden less than three months before the pivotal midterm elections.

CEO posts crying selfie on LinkedIn after laying off employees—and it goes viral

A CEO has sparked a major debate online after posting a selfie of himself crying on LinkedIn following layoffs he made at his company.

Pharma stock investors brace for billions in heartburn drug litigation charges

For many investors and analysts, this ordeal brings back memories of the Bayer Roundup saga.

Self-made millionaire: 'Don't buy a home—unless you can afford to waste money'

Should you buy a home right now? Real estate expert Grant Cardone says yes—but only "if you can afford to waste money." Owning a home isn't always a great investment, especially during times of rising inflation and high home prices. Here's why the self-made millionaire believes most people are better off renting.

U.K. economy contracts in the second quarter as cost-of-living crisis bites

The U.K. economy contracted in the second quarter of 2022, although by less than economists expected.

Peloton slashing 780 jobs, closing stores and hiking prices in push to turn profit

Peloton is slashing about 780 jobs, closing a significant number of its retail stores and hiking the prices of some of its equipment in a bid to be profitable.

Here's where China's real estate troubles could spill over

Three kinds of businesses would suffer the most if China's real estate troubles persist, according to ratings agency Fitch.

Tiger 21, an exclusive club of investors, says the ultra rich are doubling down on stocks

Tiger 21 consists of 1,200 members with a cumulative $140 billion in assets, and individuals must have at least $20 million in liquid assets to qualify for membership.

This Chinese province set a 9% GDP target — but then it locked down

A surge in Covid infections this month stranded tens of thousands of tourists at Hainan's oceanside resort city of Sanya.

Property investors are holding back as the global economy sours, says Singapore’s CapitaLand Investment

Real estate investors are now being "careful and prudent" about deploying more capital in the face of growing economic uncertainty, said CapitaLand Investment.